Childhood Places

by Chuck Connell

November 2011 -- Last weekend I took Katie on a brief tour of some of my childhood haunts in Norwalk/Darien CT. We saw the pond I skated on, the hill I sledded on, the diner where I often ate with my father on Saturday mornings, and the site of a long-gone petting zoo. I had so much fun I wanted to show her more places from my formative years, and show my wife and other children also.

Such a trip would be difficult to arrange however. It is hard to coordinate everyone's schedules; some of the places are far apart; and my children would get bored after a half hour. So I came up with a better idea: an Internet tour! This web page is that tour. My goal is to show my family the places where I had fun as a child or that were important to me in some way, and to annotate each location with some of my memories from the place. 

The tour is organized in rough chronological order...

July 1953 -- Born at Kew Gardens General Hospital (now gone) in Queens NY.

July 1953 to winter 1955 -- Lived in an apartment in the Kew Gardens section of Queens. I believe the address was 82-08 135th Street, Apt 6L or 64 [40.71411,-73.823063].

Winter 1955 to summer 1968 -- 90 Maywood Road, Norwalk, CT [41.100646,-73.460558]. This was my childhood home and the center of many childhood memories. (Picture in late 1950s, before we added on a 2nd floor.)

(Geordie Campbell read this web page and contributed some of his memories from our childhood together.)

Summer 1968 to December 1973 -- Appletree Lane, Norwalk CT [41.140601,-73.449972]. We moved to this house while I was in high school.

September 1971 to May 1974 -- Miami University in Oxford Ohio [39.5052,-84.735231]. I lived in Symmes Hall, Morris Hall, and off-campus. There was a great bakery in town, Beasley's, which had its own canteen truck that sold baked items at night to students. By luck, the truck parked directly outside Morris Hall every night, so I wasted quite a bit of precious spending money and consumed too many pastries this way.

January 1974 to May 1978 -- Fairfield Beach Road. After my parents' divorce, my father's parents gave him their summer cottage so he would have a place to live. For the first few years, the cottage was not winterized, so he would rent another cottage nearby during the cold months.

January 1977 to May 1979 -- Hampshire College [42.324286,-72.531631]. I lived in a couple different dorm rooms in Merrill House, an on-campus apartment in Prescott House, and off-campus during part of my senior year.

July 1979 -- After college graduation, I took a bicycling trip in the northwestern area of North America.

January 1980 -- Moved to Boston, into an apartment with some other Hampshire grads at 416 Marlborough St.